Every approach to the past is an act of creation. Historians regard the past as a foreign country through which new routes must be built by each generation. Art Historians know culture is created through interactions with multiple pasts: Renaissance, recreation, creation.

For some philosophers the past exists only in the present. If my past self does not exist, why does he keep lying to me through memories? The philosophy of Conservation is to do nothing that cannot be reversed, to let the past and the present exist together.

Professor Paul Stephenson // Head of School // School of History & Heritage // pstephenson@lincoln.ac.uk

Out of the Attic
BA (Hons) Conservation & Restoration
Date // 26 May – 10 June: 10.00 – 16.00
Venue // AAD1E03, 06, 11, 12
Map location // 2
Web // www.outoftheattic2017.com